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Senior Hay Fork Carrier.

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The Hay Carrier is an overhead crane, which allows a farmer to lift a large amount of hay up into his barn hay-loft area.  A horse or tractor provides the lifting power through the pulleys on the Hay Carrier.

Once the hay is lifted to the proper height, the Hay Carrier travels into the barn on an overhead track, still powered by the horse or tractor.  The load of hay is then dropped into place onto the hay- loft floor.


    Scroll down to see photos of a later Hay Carrier on display at the Mare Barn at the Maasdam Barns complex in Fairfield, IA, to see a larger catalogue page, and to see a hay carrier in action


A metal version being demonstrated in the Mare Barn.
A later (metal) Louden Hay carrier.

Close up of the carrier.
Close up of the metal Louden Hay carrier.

Senior Carrier

Hay Wagon in use, utilizing Louden Hay Carrier, from a Louden catalogue
Louden Hay Wagon

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