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Recreational Facilities in & near Fairfield

Fairfield Department of Parks and Recreation Facilities:

Website: Fairfield Park & Recreation Dept website

The three water reservoirs in Fairfield are being transformed into water recreation areas.  Waterworks Park now has a beach for swimming in Bonnifield Lake.  See details on the City Lakes page.

For Recreation Trails- See "Trails" menu on this website.

Roosevelt Recreation Complex, 1000 W. Burlington Ave, 472-6159.

The complex includes a complete fitness center (fitness rooms, equipment and classes; indoor playground; pool room) and Aquatic Center (indoor pool, sauna, hot tub), restrooms, shower/lock rooms, meeting rooms and the Parks and Rec administrative offices.

Fairfield City Parks:

Central Park provides a bandstand, permanent benches, bronze sculpture (Coop Statue), and brick walkways.  Located along West Burlington and North Main Street on the square in Fairfield.  Amenities: Walking Path.   Photo essay.

Chautauqua Park provides several shelter houses, restrooms, picnicking, playground areas, horseshoe courts, disc golf courses.  Located along East Burlington Avenue and North Park Street.  Amenities: Playground Equipment, Walking Path, Restrooms, Picnic Tables, Outside Grills, 4 shelter(s).   Photo essay.

Forest Park. provides a play field for spontaneous game play and organized sports.  Forest Drive at East Broadway Ave.  Photo essay.

Heritage Park Heritage Park provides a playground, ball field, shelter, and skate park.  Located between West Stone Ave. and North 10th Street.  >Amenities: Playground Equipment, Picnic Tables, Outside Grills, 1 shelter, 1 ball field   Photo essay.

Howard Park provides a playground area and sun shelter with picnic tables, and is home to the Farmers Market.  Located on North Main St. and East Grimes Ave.  Amenities: Playground Equipment, Picnic Tables, 1 shelter.   Photo essay.

Lamson Woods State Preserve provides a natural area and connects to the Jefferson County Trails.  Located along Mint Boulevard and East Fillmore Avenue.  Amenities: Walking Path   Photo essay.
   See a topo map here.
   See a satellite view here.
   Read more about Lamson Woods.

O.B. Nelson Park provides softball fields, skate park, "Partners for Play" playground, an enclosed dog park, and restrooms. 
Located at West Fillmore Avenue and South 2nd Street.  Amenities: Playground Equipment, Walking Path, Restrooms, Concessions Building, Picnic Tables, Outside Grills, 2 shelters, 3 ball fields, skate park, enclosed dog park.   Photo essay.

South Wood Park provides a playground and walking trails.  Located between Dogwood Drive and Hilltop Lane.  Amenities: Playground Equipment, Walking Path.   Photo essay.

Waterworks Park Waterworks Park provides fishing, picnicking, playground, sand volleyball courts, shelter, restrooms, beach area, and a walking trail.  Located between North B Street (entrance) and Pleasant Plain Road.  Amenities: Playground Equipment, Walking Path, Restrooms, Picnic Tables, Outside Grills, 1 shelter, sand volleyball courts.   Photo essay.

Wilson Park provides a playground area and a shelter.  Located along Wilson Boulevard and South C Street.  Amenities: Playground Equipment, Picnic Tables, Outside Grills, 1 shelter.   Photo essay.

Woodthrush Woods State Preserve provides a natural area that includes a walking path.  Located 6 miles east and 2 miles south of Hwy 34 E.  Amenities: Walking Path.  Directions - Take Highway 34 east for 8 miles to County Road W40 (Tamarack Avenue). Turn south (right) and go 1 mile to 255th Street, which curves to the east. Park on the shoulder of 255th Street slightly past its intersection with Teak Avenue. The preserve is on the north (left) side of the road.

Other Fairfield Dept. Recreational Facilities:

Little League Park - baseball Fields, playground. East Burlington Ave at Glasgow Rd.   Photo essay.

Babe Ruth Park - baseball fields.  East Burlington Ave at 28th Street, next to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds.   Photo essay.

Dexter Apache Soccer Fields - West Grimes Ave at 20th Street

Pleasant Lake - provides fishing, a gazebo, and walking trails.  This retired reservoir is now being developed for water recreation.  Pleasant Plain Road, north of Fairfield.  See details, along with Bonnifield Lake, on the City Lakes page.


Maharishi University of Management Facilities:

Website: MUM

Recreation Center, On campus, 472-1112.
Facilities inside include: a track, tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, a 28-foot rock climbing wall, weight room, gymnastics center, and ping-pong tables. There is no charge for students with an ID card.

Campus Swimming Pool, North end of campus, 472-1147.
The swimming season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There is no charge for students with an ID card.


Jefferson County Conservation Board Facilities:

Office in Jefferson County Park,  Tel: 472-4421,   Website: JCCB website

Jefferson County Park -- Multi-purpose 191 acres of land located just southwest of Fairfield. Camping, picnics, nature center, office and 7 miles of trails. Most widely used outdoor recreation area in Jefferson County.

Cedar Creek Timber -- Two miles southwest of Fairfield and one-half mile west on 223rd Street. Access may be gained by walking down the abandoned railroad from the public parking area. Future plans are to connect Jefferson County Park, Cedar Creek Timber and the city of Libertyville via the abandoned Rock Island Railroad (Cedar View Trail). 90 acres of hunting & wildlife observation.

Round Prairie Park -- Nine miles southeast of Fairfield on Glasgow Road and two miles south on Tamarack Ave. Camping, historic school house.

Turkey Run Wildlife Area -- On Osage Ave, in south central Jefferson County. 415 acres, 90% timberland.

Mac Coon Access -- Five and one-half miles north of Lockridge, or two and one-half miles north of Four Corners. Campsites, hiking, access to Skunk River.

Livingston Timber -- One mile north of Perlee off the Pleasant Plain Road. 74 acres, hunting area.

Whitham Woods -- One mile west of Fairfield on Highway 34, it is the original site of the C.W. Whitham Nursery. Interesting diversity of plants. Hiking trails.

Zillman's Hickory Hills -- Three & one-half miles southeast of Fairfield on Glasgow Rd. The 74 acres will be developed for passive outdoor recreation.


Commercial Facilities in Fairfield:

Private Golf Courses:

    Fairfield Golf and Country Club, 905 E. Harrison Ave , 641-472-3798.  Nine holes on the oldest private golf course west of the Mississippi River.  Website:


    Walton Club Inc., Walton Lake, 641-472-4909.   Nine holes of challenging water course.  Website:


    Flamingo Lanes, 301 N. 16th St., 641-472-6162.


More about Lamson Woods State Preserve

Lamson Woods is a 43-acre woodland preserve located on the southeast edge of Fairfield. This hilly, wooded area was willed to the city of Fairfield by Carrie Lamson Ross in 18930. Originally "Lamson's Pasture" was a park that included Fairfield's first golf course. The golf course was in a pasture for cows and pigs along a small woodland, and was dubbed "cow-pasture golf". It was a favorite area for hiking and nature study for people of all ages. The woodland was dedicated as a biological state preserve in 1978.

The preserve is a mixture of upland and lowland forest. Mesic and dry woodland species occupy the slope and ravines that are cut into Pre-Illinoian glacial deposits (500,000 to 2.5 million years old) typical of the Southern Iowa Drift Plain landform region. Trees occupying the canopy include cottonwood, white oak, bur oak, shingle oak, shagbark hickory, American elm, hackberry, and black cherry. Ohio buckeye can be found in the understory with hazeknut along the woodland edges. A planted pine grove is located in the southwest corner of the preserve.

The spring wildflower display begins with the blooming of bloodroot, blubells, and spring beauty, followed by prairie trillium, toothwort, white trout-lily, blue phlox, wild geranium, mayapple, Solomon's seal, swamp buttercup, and wilh hyacinth. By May, moonseed and Jacob's ladder can be seen in flower followed by jumpseed and pale touch-me-not in July. Augist brings the blooming of hog peanut among the sensitive dren and maindenhair fern fronds. In the fall, the bright red leaves of Virginia creeper can be seen crawling up the trunks of trees or along the ground.

   (From The Guide to Iowa's State Preserves).

To learn more about the Iowa DNR State Preserves program, go to the Iowa DNR website.

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