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New Bike Racks on the Loop Trail, Oct, 2013

The Jefferson County Trails Council (JCTC) recently facilitated the installation of eighteen bike racks along the Fairfield Loop Trail. The bike racks were funded in part by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Community Transformation Grant (CTG) and Jefferson County Public Health; Fairfield RAGBRAI 2013; and the JCTC. The Fairfield RAGBRAI Committee felt it was important to fund a bike-centric project in Fairfield. As a legacy project, these bike racks will stand as a symbol of the positive impact RAGBRAI had on Fairfield and the surrounding area.

The JCTC thank you's are below:

Special thanks is due to Shawn Worley and his staff at the Wastewater Plant for transporting the pads and racks, preparing each bike rack site, and installing the bike racks and pads. The bike racks were manufactured locally by Schaus-Vorhies Manufacturing, and the concrete pads were cast by Fairfield Precast.

Bike racks in use at Chautauqua Park  11-15-13 .
Bike racks in use at Chautauqua Park

Bike racks at Lamson Woods, next to the parking lot at Mint Blvd.
Bike racks at Lamson Woods

Bike racks at Chautauqua Park.
Bike racks at Chautauqua Park

Bike racks at the Dexter Soccer Field.
Bike racks at the Dexter Soccer Field

Bike racks at Whitham Woods.
Bike racks at Whitham Woods

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Photos supplied by Stephen Pedrick and Ron Blair

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