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Aerial view of Louden Bridge

Louden Bridge segment of the Fairfield Loop Trail
Scroll down to view the map.  See aerial views here.

The Louden Bridge segment travels through woods, then crosses the BNSF Railroad tracks on the 246-foot Louden Bridge to connect with Chautauqua Park, where it meets the Crow Creek segment.

The bridge displays 171 ceramic plaques of images from Louden blueprints, made by a Fairfield High School art class.

Louden Bridge over the BNSF Railroad mainline.
(See more Judy Bales photos here).
Loop Trail bridge over the BNSF Railroad

See a photo essay of this trail segment with Chris.

See the building of, and info about, the Louden Bridge over the BNSF Railroad.

Look at Judy Bales pages about community involvement and public art designs.

Scroll down to the bottom to see Jack Eastman Wetlands, as displayed near the Louden Bridge

Data for Louden Bridge segment

Length= 1 mile.

Surface= Crushed limestone.

North Entry=  Walton Road, at Walton Lake Drive (connects to Lakes segment).

South Entry= The Huggins Family Bridge at the east end of Chautauqua Park (connects to the Crow Creek segment, which follows Crow Creek).

Restroom: In Chautauqua Park, western end.

Parking at Walton Rd lot, and in Chautauqua Park.

New - A Walking Trail was created in the new wetlands area in April 2012.  More information here.

Nearby Parks:

Chautauqua Park connects to the Loop Trail via the Huggins Bridge.   Photo essay.

Community orchard & wetlands, south of the Louden Bridge.   Photo essay.

Fairfield Little Ruth League is on Glasgow Road, at East Burlington Ave.   Photos here.

Central Park is 3/4 miles east of the Loop Trail on East Broadway Ave   Photos here.

Howard Park is 2 blocks north of Central Park   Photos here.

The new boardwalk at Walton Road, at Walton Lake.
The new boardwalk at Walton Road, at Walton Lake.

Looking down at the Loop Trail - the new boardwalk is just right of center.
Aerial view of the Loop Trail.

The northern end of the Louden Segment, heading towards Chautauqua Park.
The northern end of the Louden Segment, heading towards Chautauqua Park.

Heading north towards the Louden Bridge (just visible at the right).
Louden Bridge Trail

New walking-only trail east of Chautauqua Park, through the community orchard (established in 2012).
New walking-only trail</a> east of Chautauqua Park.

Huggins Bridge over Crow Creek into Chautauqua Park.  Or go left to the Crow Creek segment.
Huggins Bridge over Crow Creek into Chautauqua Park.


Historical Note: The "back-side" of the loop road and the Huggins Family Bridge section uses the abandoned railroad roadbed of the first railroad into Fairfield (1858), the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad (now the BNSF).
  See the Railroad History page.

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