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Iowa DOT-South segment of the Fairfield Loop Trail
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The Iowa DOT-South segment is hilly, with curves and woods, and passes by wetlands.  It intersects with the Cedar View Trail, which leads to Jefferson County Park and Libertyville.

This 5.7-mile segment, built by the Iowa DOT, parallels the new US Hwy 34 bypass from Mint Blvd in the east to Whitham Woods in the west.  The Loop Trail officially begins (and ends) next to the Maasdam Barns at Mile Marker Zero.

Mile Markers occur every 1/4 mile along the Loop Trail.

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One of Judy Bales art-enhanced bridges on the South segment. Photo by Judy Bales
One of Judy Bales art-enhanced bridges on the South Trail

Facts about the DOT-South Segment

Length= 5.7 miles

Surface= Crushed limestone.

These are the only entry points to this segment --

   East Entry= South Mint Blvd (south of Lamson Woods).

   Hwy 1= Intersects with State Hwy 1 (South Main St) near the Jefferson County Health Center and Maasdam Barns.

   Kale Blvd= Kale Blvd is south of Libertyville Rd.

   Cedar View Trail= The Cedar View Trail connects to 32nd Street and Jefferson County Park.

   West Entry= Connects with the Whitham Woods segment trail, near Whitham Woods.

Restrooms: At the Maasdam Barns Museum, and at the Cedar View Trail intersection.

Parking is available at the Maasdam Barns, at Kale Blvd, at the Cedar View Trail, and at Whitham Woods.

Connecting Trail: On October 5, 2013, a new 0.9-mile trail was dedicated by the Jefferson County Health Center.  It uses the Loop Trail to make a complete loop around the Health Center, for use by walkers, runners, and bike riders.  You may park in the Health Center parking lots.

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Another art-enhanced bridge. See more on Judy Bales website. Photo by Judy Bales.
Bridge on the South Trail

Near the Maasdam Barns.  This is also part of the Jefferson County Health Center's walking trail.

DOT-South segment near Maasdam Barns

Map showing DOT-South segment of the Fairfield Loop Trail

DOT-South segment map


Below: Aerial map
Aerial photo of Hwy 34 bypass

   Some trail construction details

   The trail was surfaced with fine limestone chips, as on other parts of the Loop Trail.  Before that, however, you must have a stable base.  First the ground is dug out to a six-inch depth, then base rock is placed on the ground.  The irregularly shaped stones interlock with each other, providing a surface for the final layer of fine stones (lime chips in this case).

   Some of the ground under the trail had never been disturbed before, so is soft, and perhaps wet.  Therefore it takes time for the stones to settle down, so take care.

   Aug 22, 2009 -- Iowa DOT Trail Inauguration

   The inauguration took place on Sat, Aug 22, 2009.  Health & Wellness for the community was the theme.  This 6.5 mile-long section of the Loop Trail was built by Iowa DOT in conjunction with the bypass.

   The trail is surfaced with limey chip.  Trail access is provided only at the south end of Mint Blvd, on either side of Highway 1, at Kale Blvd (just south of Libertyville Drive), from the Cedar View Trail west of 32nd Street, or at the connection to the Whitham Woods segment just west of Whitham Woods.

Click here to learn more about the Maasdam Barns at Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm.

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Loop Trail Map


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