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Northwest segment of the Fairfield Loop Trail
Scroll down to view the map.  See aerial views here.

Most of the 2.2-mile surface of the Northwest segment is concrete.  From Whitham Woods it crosses the BNSF railroad track through a pedestrian maze (for safety) and continues to the Rock Island Railroad segment at 8th Street.

Along the Loop Trail near 12th Street.

Photos of the Northwest segment and its construction history.

Data for Northwest segment

Length=  2.2 miles.

Surface=  Mostly concrete, some lime chips.

Western end=  Brookville Road, at Burlington Ave (connects to Whitham Woods segment).

Eastern end=  8th Street and Gear Ave (connects to Rock Island Railroad segment).

Restroom: At the Dexter Apache Soccer Park on Grimes Ave.

Nearby Parks:

Dexter Apache Soccer Park is at 2519 Grimes Ave, on the Loop Trail (photo below).

Fairfield Babe Ruth League is on Burlington Ave., east of Brookville Road.   Photos here.

Heritage Park is just south of Gear Ave, on North 9th Street   Photos here.

Dexter Apache Soccer Park at 2519 Grimes Ave
Soccer Park on Grimes Ave.

Northwest segment Map

Northwest segment map


BNSF Railroad crossing design enhanced by Judy Bales
Crossing the BNSF tracks.

Proposal & photos for the enhancement to the BNSF RR crossing. Also, look at Judy Bales website.

Railroad crossing

Just north of the railroad crossing.
The northwest segment north of the BNSF tracks.

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