Scavenger Hunt by the Jefferson County Trails Council

Third Annual JCTC Scavenger Hunt starts Sat, May 27, 2017

Press release:   Jefferson County Trails Council 2017 Scavenger Hunt

Put on your detective caps and come out to the Jefferson County Trails System for the Third Annual Scavenger Hunt, from May 27 to July 7, 2017. Hosted by the Jefferson County Trails Council, this all-ages event is sponsored by the Jefferson County Health Center and AJ's Bicycle Shop

Participants will collect clues at 10 locations along the trail to be entered in drawings for prizes from AJ’s Bicycle Shop, Impact Fitness, Brown’s Shoe Fit, The Sweet Spot, and Ila in Fairfield. Drawings for prizes will take place the evening of July 7 at Central Park during Fairfield 1st Fridays.

The Scavenger Hunt is a great way to get out and see all the trails Fairfield and Jefferson County have to offer. "You will have to visit ten noteworthy locations along the trails", said JCTC Chairman Stephen Pedrick, "Whether you are a local who knows the trails like the back of your hand, or a visitor from out of town, this event is sure to please."

In addition to the seven "punch clues," this year’s event features three new “location clues” which challenge scavenger hunt participants to scour a location for the answer to the clue. This new twist was added to bring more awareness of the features of the trail system, rather than focusing on finding the orange punches.

Participants can pick up Scavenger Hunt Punch Cards at AJ’s Bicycle Shop (123 North Court Street), trailhead kiosks, the Fairfield Recreation Center, and the MUM Recreation Center (or print them from our web site). Completed Punch Cards should be returned to AJ’s Bicycle Shop.

The 30-plus mile trail system is an asset to Fairfield and Jefferson County. The Scavenger Hunt will take participants on much of the trail system, but Pedrick adds, "Our hope is this event will inspire people to explore more of the trails in Fairfield."

From: Stephen Pedrick, Chairman, Jefferson County Trails Council

See the Scavenger Hunt Punch Card (front side) and the Scavenger Hunt Punch Card (back side) (as PDF's), which you can print.


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