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JCTC & CVB at Bike Expo, Jan 25, 2014

The Iowa Bike Expo is sponsored by the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and this year was held January 25th from 10AM-5:30 PM at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines.

Stephen Pedrick reported:

The bike expo went very well.  We had 100 green "Fairfield" bags, those were all gone by 10:30 AM.  We had 385 stickers with the logo printed on it, and they ran out around 1:30ish.  Of the 450 or so Fairfield CVB Pamphlets, they ran out around 3:30 PM.  That left only the JCTC Trail Map.

I also got business cards from a few bike shop owners in Cedar Rapids and Ames that would be interested in us sending them more information on Fairfield and the Loop Trail.

Several people asked what bike ride we host on the trail.  Had to tell them to come run the Loopy Run instead!  I think a bike ride on the trail would be well attended with just a little bit of advertising.

As usual, many people were surprised to hear what Fairfield has to offer, but several die-hard bikers were turned off to find the trail is not paved.

We heard only good things about last years RAGBRAI.  Most 2013 RAGBRAI riders didn't know anything about the Loop Trail.  Lots of people remembered the mustache event.  We collected a few thank-you notes to be delivered to hosts (housing) and Pam (camping)!

Also had several people ask where they could buy Kombucha tea, since they won the $250,000 grant.

JCTC and the Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) partnered at a booth at the Iowa Bicycle Expo in Des Moines.
Booth at Bike Expo 2014

Bob Hunerdosse and Dave Neff helped to man the booth.
Booth at Bike Expo 2013

Bob points out the features of the JCTC Loop trail map.
Booth at Bike Expo 2013

This photo was taken before 3:30PM, when everything but our maps were gone.
Booth at Bike Expo 2013

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