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Jefferson County Trails Council at Bike Expo, Jan 24, 2015

Iowa Bike Expo is one of the biggest bike shows in the Midwest.  This free one-day expo hosts over 4,500 people shopping for destinations, gear, bikes, and more, held this year on January 24, 2015 in Des Moines at the Iowa Events Center.

From the Bike Expo website:

"If you are looking for bicycle equipment, destinations, events, and more this is the event you want to attend.  We will have trail, event, and equipment exhibitors from all over the country.  There will also be educational seminars helping you get in touch with bike advocacy, find the latest consumer trends, and learn about new places to ride."

Stephen Pedrick reported:

Chris and I had a good time and we were able to talk to many people about Fairfield.  Several people complimented us on RAGBRAI two years ago-we were the best stop of the week.  We also handed out two mustaches to some people who missed the record attempt!

Several people were wanting to come back to Fairfield for this year's RAGBRAI.

I attached a link to some photos from the event.  We had a display for EcoJam near the stage of the Bicycle Apparel Fashion Show.

By my count, we handed out approximately 450 Fairfield CVB pamphlets and 700 trail maps (this includes the maps I delivered to Des Moines Bicycle Collective, Rasumssen Bikes, and Fitness Sports).

Two of the most frequent questions:  When is your bike ride/event?  Is the trail paved?  We tried to spotlight Art Walk, Sondheim Center, etc.  I found the "soft trails" angle to be much more effective than just saying "no, our trails are not paved".  Also used the DOT stats to encourage people to walk.

Many were looking for campgrounds.  Jefferson County Park is perfect for this since there is trail access directly from the campground-no driving to trailheads required!

JCTC and the Fairfield CVB partnered at the Iowa Bike Expo booth in Des Moines.
Booth at Bike Expo 2015

Chris helped to man the booth.
Booth at Bike Expo 2015

One of our displays.
Booth at Bike Expo 2015

Photo Contest poster.
Booth at Bike Expo 2015

Visitors to our booth.
Booth at Bike Expo 2015

Our photo display.
Booth at Bike Expo 2015

Photos supplied

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