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Skunk River Water Trail Map

The 72-mile Skunk River Water Trail begins at the South Skunk River Access (# 2 on the map, south of Sigourney) and ends at Oakland Mills Park (# 10 on the map, southwest of Mt Pleasant).


Skunk River Water Trail Map

00.0 miles - # 2, South Skunk River Access, 6.5 miles south of Sigourney.
  6.6 miles - # 3, Manhattan Bridge, 3 miles south of Ollie.
13.1 miles - # 4, Skunk River Access, 4 miles north of Richland
  9.4 miles - # 5, McKain Access, 6 miles northwest of Brighton
  8.0 miles - # 6, Brighton Boat Access, 1 mile north of Brighton
  7.9 miles - # 7, Coppock Access, in Coppock
10.5 miles - # 8, MacCoon Access, 4 miles north of Lockridge
16.2 miles - # 9, Waterworks Park, 4 miles southwest of Mt. Pleasant
  0.5 miles - #10, Oakland Mills Park, 4 miles southwest of Mt. Pleasant

A detailed brochure is available at the Conservation Board in each county.

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