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More Trails in Fairfield & Jefferson County, Iowa

In addition to the Fairfield Loop Trail, there are a number of other trails in the greater Fairfield area.

Jefferson County Park has about 8-miles of trails, which connect to the Cedar View Trail (which makes a direct connection to the Fairfield Loop Trail), the Erma Hartman Trail, and the Prairie & Pond Trail.

Walking-only trails are around Pleasant Lake, around Bonnifield Lake, in Lamson Woods, and in Chautauqua Park East.

Retired railroad beds that belonged to the Rock Island Railroad, and the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad (now BNSF), are used for about five-miles of trails.

The Bikeway/Walkway Plan is not really a trail, but rather a system of streets that are marked to enable pedestrians and bicyclists to make their way as safely as possible around town and to the Fairfield Loop Trail and other trails.

The Heritage Tour is a tour of historic buildings in Fairfield, and is also a virtual tour complete with much information about the history of Fairfield.

The Louden Machinery Company Tour is another virtual tour that highlights the contributions made by this Fairfield company to farming around the world, and illustrates it's leadership position in industrial handling equipment.  Related to this is the Maasdam Barns project, which was recently developed as a recreational and educational center.

Water trails are nearby (which require a boat or canoe).

Southeast Iowa trails can be found in A J Steiner's (A.J's Bicycle Shop) comprehensive list of trails in southeast Iowa for mountain bike enthusiasts.

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