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Fairfield Loop Trail Bridge

Beginning Oct 19, 2016 the southern section of the Loop Trail between Mint Blvd and Hwy 1 will be closed for sewer construction near the Crow Creek bridge. More details on the news Page.

Dateline: Nov 1 - IMPORTANT! The Contractor for the sewer has installed the “trail closed” signs and orange safety fencing across the trail to close it. The Contractor has not yet installed the chain-link fencing across the trail (as they are required to), but will be soon.

There have been issues with trail users climbing over the orange safety fencing and trespassing into the construction area. Work is actively going on within the closed area of the trail. There will be holes excavated up to 18 feet deep in the trail. The construction site is dangerous and trail users should stay out.

Please respect the signage and fencing—they are there for everyone’s safety.

The Jefferson County Trails Council was instrumental in developing the 15.9-mile Fairfield Loop Trail, one of only four Loop Trails in Iowa (2016 Iowa Travel Guide).

A variety of experiences await you on this 15.9-mile trail that circles Fairfield.  Plenty of entrances and exits let you customize your enjoyment of this unique trail.

Travel parts of the Loop Trail with Werner Elmker via a YouTube video, "On and Off the Fairfield Trails".   And watch YouTube video, "A slightly surrealistic trip through the entire Fairfield, Iowa loop trail in under 4 minutes".

If the Loop Trail is not enough, another 17 miles of trails await you, some of them for walking-only.

Looking for Water Trails?   Like to canoe, kayak, study nature, or fish?

For water lovers, two water trails travel through Jefferson County, and Fairfield's three lakes give you ample opportunities to enjoy water recreation.

Water Trail

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