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  Loop Trail Maintenance Day, May 3, 2014.  Details on News Page (click here).

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The Trails of Fairfield, Iowa

Visit all of the trails in Jefferson County

Fairfield Loop Trail Bridge


Come explore the Fairfield Loop Trail.

Circle around Fairfield on our sixteen-mile-long trail.  In fact, we think of it as a long, narrow linear park, with a variety of adventures to see and do along the way.

With such a variety of terrain (prairies, woodlands, lakes, wetlands), and connections to many city and county parks, it is an experience unlike most trails.

Explore More Trails in Fairfield

The rest of the Fairfield-area trail system (about 14 miles) includes old railroad corridors, five artistically-enhanced bridges, paved and unpaved trails, walking-only trails, a state preserve, and 8-miles of trails within Jefferson County Park.

Maasdam Barn

Explore Fairfield's Heritage Trails

Walk, bike, or drive the Fairfield Heritage Trail to see 51 historic buildings and places.  Or follow the virtual on-line version.

Learn all about the Louden Machinery Company on the on-line Louden Machinery Co. Tour.

Fairfield is the home to 22 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, and is the birthplace of a major U.S. agricultural industry.  In person or on-line, enjoy the rich tapestry of Fairfield's past.

Looking for Water Trails?

Like to canoe, kayak, study nature, or fish?  Skunk River and Cedar Creek host water trails, and Fairfield's three lakes give you ample opportunities to enjoy water recreation.

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