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Fairfield Loop Trail Bridge

The current issue of the new magazine Explore (by the Gazette) includes an article about the Fairfield Loop Trail. "In Explore, you’ll find everything you need to know about paddling, hiking, camping, boating and entertainment options from Mount Pleasant to Kalona to Iowa City to Clinton to Decorah". See the on-line version -, and look for the "Fairfield Loop Trail" article on page 40. Or pick up a copy of Explore at various locations around town.

The Jefferson County Trails Council was instrumental in developing the 15.9-mile Fairfield Loop Trail, "one of only four Loop Trails in Iowa" (2016 Iowa Travel Guide).

Learn more about our Fairfield Loop Trail here. Some describe it as a "string of pearls" or an "emerald necklace", each element being a jewel on the necklace.  Plenty of entrances and exits let you customize your enjoyment of this unique trail.

Looking for Water Trails?   Like to canoe, kayak, study nature, or fish?

For water lovers, two water trails travel through Jefferson County, and Fairfield's three lakes give you ample opportunities to enjoy water recreation.

Water Trail

Get a glimpse of Fairfield's history at the historic Maasdam Barns, where the Fairfield Loop Trail begins.

Maasdam Barn

Or walk, bike, or drive the Fairfield Heritage Tour to see 51 historic buildings and places in Fairfield.

And learn all about the Louden Machinery Company, a major U.S. agricultural industry founded in Fairfield.

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