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Fairfield Loop Trail - Details about the Fairfield Loop Trail.
         ⚫ Large Map of Fairfield Loop Trail
   ⚫ DOT-South segment
         ⚫ Photo essays
         ⚫ Photos of O B Nelson Park
   ⚫ Whitham Woods
         ⚫ Photo essays
   ⚫ Northwest
         ⚫ Photo essays
   ⚫ Rock Island RR
         ⚫ Photo essays
         ⚫ Photo essays of Matkin Bridge
         ⚫ Photo essays of Matkin Plaza
   ⚫ B Street segment
         ⚫ Photos and history
   ⚫ Lakes segment
         ⚫    Photo essays
     ⚫ City Lakes - information about
         ⚫ City Lakes Walks - Between Pleasant Lake and Bonnifield Lake
   ⚫ Louden Bridge
         ⚫ Photo essays
         ⚫ All about the Louden Bridge
   ⚫ Crow Creek
         ⚫ Photo essays
   ⚫ Lamson Woods-Neff
         ⚫ Photo essays
   ⚫ Mint Blvd Link


Other Jefferson County Trails - In addition to the Loop Trail

   ⚫ Jeff. Co. Park trails
   ⚫ Cedar View Trail
         ⚫ Photo essays of the CVT
   ⚫ Erma Hartman trail
   ⚫ Prairie & Pond trail
   ⚫ Walking-only Trails
   ⚫ Rail-Trail Sections
   ⚫ Bikeway/Walkway plan/system
         ⚫ Photos and map
         ⚫ Heritage Tour - explore the rich past of Fairfield
   ⚫ Link to: Fairfield Heritage Tour
   ⚫ Louden Mach. Co. Tour - importance of the Louden Machinery Company to Fairfield
         ⚫ Link to: Louden Machinery Company Tour
   ⚫ Water Trails
         ⚫ Map of the Skunk River Water Trail
   ⚫ Trails in SE IA - other trails nearby


News - All the news about Jefferson County trails and the Trails Council (from 2014 to now)

   ⚫ Mile Markers
   ⚫ 14 Yrs Build
   ⚫ News from 2010 to 2013
   ⚫ News from 2001 to 2009


About Us - About the Jefferson County Trails Council (our story).

   ⚫ Trail Policies
   ⚫ Volunteers
   ⚫ Long-Range Plan
   ⚫ Submitted Photos
   ⚫ Contact Us- Contact us and Membership information.


Fairfield Info - Things to do, places to see.
   ⚫ Recreation - Fairfield Park & Rec Dept. and more
         ⚫ Most of the parks have photo essays
   ⚫ Jefferson County Conservation Board - parks, camping, Nature Center
   ⚫ Restaurants - in Fairfield
   ⚫ Lodging - in Fairfield and Vedic City
   ⚫ Maasdam Barns - three historic barns & a museum
   ⚫ Arts & Culture - what to do and see in Fairfield
   ⚫ Railroad History - the story of railroads in Fairfield
   ⚫ Fairfield Weather - links to a variety of services
   ⚫ Fairfield Links - Fairfield websites of interest


Links to Other Trails - Trails and trail organizations outside of Fairfield.


Site List - This page.

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