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Community orchard & wetlands

A new wetlands was created just east of Chautauqua Park by the Iowa DOT as part of their mitigation program.  A new walking-only trail was created by mowing a path through the grass, and it will continue to be mowed during the growing season.  Volunteers built a small bridge to cross a small drainage ditch next to the wetlands.

This from Ron Blair, April 20, 2012 - "We've been working hard this week to complete the walking trail spur east of Chautauqua Park.  Special thanks to Pete Tollenaere for design/structural advice. Also to workers Brian Stains, Chris Hallinger, and especially Bill Pollak.  Guest appearances from Bob Hoerlein and Barney Potratz helped us at critical junctures.  This little bridge needs to support Park & Rec's mowers."

The new trail wends its way across the wetlands, over a small bridge, and joins the Loop Trail near
the Louden Bridge.  Photo taken during the Earth Day Tree Planting event, Apr 22, 2012.
Earth Day Tree Planting

Chautauqua Park Public Orchard, and the southern end of the Walking-only trail.  The trees are growing (Aug 31, 2014).
Chautauqua Park Public Orchard

Chautauqua Park Public Orchard kiosk (Aug 31, 2014).
Chautauqua Park Public Orchard

Northern entrance to the Walking-Only (Aug 31, 2014).
Walking-Only Trail

The new bridge being built (bridge photos by Ron Blair Apr 2012).
Walking Trail Bridge

Bridge photos by Ron Blair.
Walking Trail Bridge

The walking-only trail is just mowed.  It will not be surfaced.
Walking Trail Bridge

A new bridge has to be tested, no?  DON'T try this yourself -- no wheeled vehicles allowed on this trail.
Walking Trail Bridge

Top photos by Jeff Fitz-Randolph, April 22, 2012 and August 31, 2014; bridge photos by Ron Blair Apr 2012.

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